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Sunline Tenkara (Japanese) Level Line

Sunline Tenkara (Japanese) Level Line


The fundamental concept behind Tenkara revolves around simplicity. The level line, chosen for its lightweight, robust nature, and high visibility, proves especially effective in tenkara fishing. Its buoyancy allows it to float atop the water, enabling the angler to effortlessly keep the line off the water's surface, thereby facilitating a superior drift for the fly. River Peak offers these lines in a length of 164 feet, allowing customization to suit various scenarios, making them particularly advantageous on windy days. A practical guideline for tenkara enthusiasts is to trim the line to match the length of the rod. For those navigating small mountain streams, a reduction of a couple of feet, approximately 2 feet, is recommended. Employing overhand knots is highly beneficial when working with this type of line.

This product from the Japanese Domestic Market of Sunline Japan was designed specifically for Tenkara style fishing techniques. Buttobi Tenkara Level Line is extruded from high resilient fluorocarbon raw material that is superior for casting. It features Sunline’s Vivid Dyeing process for improved handling and lower memory along. Additionally, Double Resin Processing provide an additional protective coating to improve slickness and abrasion resistance. The orange color provides a high visibility for easy line watching to confirm location and angle of the line.

  • Polyvinylidene Fluoride
  • Material: Fluorocarbon / Total Length: 98.8 ft (30 m) / No. 4
  • orange
  • Level Line 
  • For very accurate casting

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